Digital transformation of business has become an imperative. Digital technologies and advanced analytics allow companies to unlock unprecedented improvements in productivity, nimbleness, and speed. For this to happen, executives need to think of digitalization as a pervasive process across every aspect of the organization.

StratOp helps clients navigate through digital transformation, offering support mainly in 3 areas:

  1. IT infrastructure planning. We help design and manage a modern IT architecture, solving the common problem of integrating different patches of software and optimizing IT spending.
  2. Data analytics. We guide organizations to decide what data to collect, and we enable them to extract the most value out of it.
  3. Implementation management. With a very hands-on approach, we can assist throughout the most critical steps of implementation.

Examples Of Our Work


A leading internet company needed to re-think their Digital Financial Management system, building a new layer of infrastructure, applications and services. After thoroughly mapping the current system and studying some illuminating best practices, we delivered a world-class Blueprint of the new system and assisted with its implementation


The key challenge of a Chinese leading chain beauty salon was that the company didn’t really ‘own’ and know their customers – only consultants in the salons did. We helped conduct big data (over 4 million transactions information) analytics, and identify 7 key types of customers. We drew the lifecycle curves of all 7 types of customers, and develop different sales and service strategy for all of them. We also conducted analysis to link customers to products and services they are likely to buy to ensure better customer in-store experience