Commercial due diligence is a necessary step to make a sound investment decision.

StratOp provides PEs and other investment institutions with independent and fact-based advice. Using primary and secondary research combined with quantitative analyses, we are able to determine the target’s true potential and thus reduce the risk of overpaying for it.

Our state-of-the-art analytical tools and methodologies have been refined over the last 9 years in the business, having performed on countless projects in a broad range of industries.

Examples Of Our Work

Private Equity

A leading private equity firm was considering investing in one of the most prominent internet finance giants in China. StratOp conducted a commercial due diligence on the target company and evaluated growth potential of each business line. Thanks to the outstanding work, the following year we were invited to conduct CDD on the company during its next round of funding


A healthcare-focused private equity firm wanted to invest into a fast-growing pre-clinical CRO company. We helped evaluate the growth potential of each business line, assessed the competitive edge, and built a financial model for revenue forecast

Real Estate

A leading real estate company wished to transform an office building into a rehabilitation facility, in coordination with its elderly care communities. StratOp helped analyze market potential, competition landscape, government policy & regulation of the city, and built a financial model to quantitatively assess investment return